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The Italian Way
Among this range of products carefully selected to meet the needs of our finest clients, we have chosen, as a first approach, only the best. That is why we have thought of presenting you only one wine producer for each of the three regions where the best Italian wine is produced.
We will thus involve you in a gradual discovery of Italian wine, guiding you in your first contact with our culture and our history in the nicest possible way.
So our intriguing proposal will become an adventure that, if you so wish, will permit you to visit the places where these unique wines are produced, having associated the great art cities, the sea, the islands and the mountains with a wine specifically selected for the passionate connoisseur.
The wines we select come from all over Italy, from North to South. Of course we have wines from Piedmont, a land of extraordinary reds, from Veneto, with its astonishing Amarone di Valpolicella, and Tuscany, which with its sunny hills offers us that explosion of flavours that the world has learned to call Brunello di Montalcino. Nevertheless our portfolio also inlcudes other wines that might not be so well known but for sure are not less extraordinary.
We have decided to deal only with great wine producers, real winegrowers, passionate and in love with their job. Ambitious and never satisfied with their wines to which, regardless of all the acknowledgments they have received, they still dedicate themselves body and soul.
Conterno Fantino, Roberto Voerzio, La Spinetta, Romano Dal Forno, Cerbaiona, Les Cretes, are only a few names in our exciting list of producers. All of them have dedicated their lives to winemaking. Despite their limited production, their wine has reached fame and prestige.