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Holiday & Wine
*Holiday & Wines* is our exclusive proposal focusing on the world of wine, the pride of Italy.  The way it is made, the magical areas where it is grown, its superb quality and the hard work behind the scenes that means we can savour this extraordinary product.  Italian wine is the result of the work of great professionals and their authentic passion, qualities that you will be able to appreciate in person when you visit the cellars of our partners and friends.
Figure of reference for this trip is doubtless the winegrower, with his singular personality: wonderfully knowledgeable about the soil, a lover of vines and of his work, a tireless producer of exceptional wines.
Here, for example, is the story of Roberto Voerzio and his Barolo: “I come from a family of wine growers and when I was just 18, I started to drink my first bottles of La Morra Barolo and to get to know the story of the greatest wine makers, famous the world over.  I realised that I had an extraordinary, fascinating opportunity and I decided that I wanted to take that opportunity, that I wanted to become one of them”.
Diego Molinari is another great personage in Italian wine making.  A man of few words, to the point and brief to the limits of essential, but his Brunello di Montalcino speaks for him.  It is a slow pleasure, but once it opens up, it reveals its full elegance, its rigour and an entire, incredibly long tradition, served in a glass.
Like the story of Valpolicella by Romano Dal Forno: “The winegrower’s research is the same as that of the enthusiast and customer, who goes in search of emotion, of total quality.  He imagines passing through the soil, entering into the roots of the vine, into the nectar that is inside every grape, to emerge from the latest, highest shoots on the vine, entering into complete symbiosis with it”.
We want to take you to visit their cellars in Piedmont and Tuscany, in Veneto and Lombardy, and we will make these visits even better with lunch and dinner in restaurants selected especially by the best guide in the world, the Michelin 2011.  You will sleep in hotels designed to welcome the most demanding guests, which are famous for accommodating international personages, showbiz stars and politicians.  Historical sites with great charm and all offering totally exclusive service.
We will guide you through the authentic and unique great art cities.  You can enjoy coffee from a terrace overlooking Ponte Vecchio in Florence, walk amongst the world’s best boutiques in the Milanese fashion triangle, and even lunch in the exclusive port of Portofino, meeting place for the international jet set.
If you want to come with us, if you choose our proposal, as we are sure you will, then you can say you have sought the best, choosing not just a service, but a result.